In light of the recent loss of a treasured member of our LGBT community, Tim “Tricksie Turner” Moore, First City Network will be creating a special commemorative issue of the Network News.

We are asking for the communities help in gathering photos and short stories of Tim “Tricksie Turner” Moore.


Digital is preferred.  If you want to submit paper photo’s please contact for directions to do so. If you would like the paper snapshots back please include that information when you contact us via email.

  • Please include a written description of who is in the photo(s), where it was taken and when it was taken, as well as any pertinent information.
  • Shots of people are preferred.


  • Short, human interest type stories.
  • “There I was, 10,000 feet up and snowing, trying to get the ice off my face shield when Earl pulls up and says “Where’s the beer, eh?”” type stories.
  • We ESPECIALLY want stories.
  • Stories about the bad times as well as the good.

Please respond to .  Don’t worry about grammar, or spelling.  We can take care of that.

Also, if you know someone who Tim has touched, please contact them and ask to contribute.  We would love to tell their story.

Our deadline for Submissions will be February 14th, 2018.