An exciting step has been made in the journey to a LGBT Center in Savannah.
In December, we proudly launched a new website dedicated to updating our
community on the progress and future of the LGBT Center. Just as important
as keeping you informed, this new website offers a variety of opportunities to
volunteer, donate, and spread the word for support of this critical cause.

At SAVANNAHLGBTCENTER.ORG, visitors can learn more about our 3 key
areas of service: Community Support, Health Services, and Advocacy. As
programs are integrated into the Center, more information will be built into
the website to increase ease of access for those in need and better explain to
supporters the lifesaving work the Center provides.

With an ongoing need to raise funds just to open the doors of the Center, the
new website also introduces our giving society, Founders Circle, which honors
our most generous supporters who are helping make this endeavor possible.
We can’t do this alone, and even after we have reached our funding goal there
will be an ongoing need for our community to engage and support the Center.
This new step represents the progress we have made, but also the important
role we see in engaging the Coastal Georgia region going forward. We look
forward to providing more resources and information through our new and
growing online presence.
by Dusty Church