At the October Board meeting, the newly-elected Board voted on their officers for 2016-2017.  They are Michael Ploski, Chair, Tim Moore, Vice-chair, and Dee Hope, Secretary.  Michael Ploski is chairing FCN for the first time, after joining the Board in early 2014.  He replaces Billy Wooten, who served with distinction for several of the last critically-important years (see article). Tim and Dee are re-appointed in their roles.

The new Board also has three new members, Lynn Bowling, Manzana “Apple” Bryant, and Michael O’Halloran–welcome (and welcome back, Michael) to the board!  We look forward to the energy and work that these new members will bring.  This is going to be a wonderful year indeed, with this “new blood” on Board.

Joining Billy in taking a break from serving on the FCN Board this year are Kevin Clark, Dawn Phaneuf, and Michael Wedincamp.  Kevin has proved his support of FCN tirelessly by serving on several iterations of the FCN Board over our many years, and we thank him for being a giant pillar of advocacy and action in our local LGBT community.  Dawn accepted a Board position a few months ago to fill out an unexpired term, but will continue to do fantastic work as FCN’s bookkeeper.  Dawn, thank you for keeping our accounting records and finances in tip-top shape. Michael also has worked for many many years here with not only FCN, but also as Director of Savannah Pride this year, to do wonderful things for the LGBT community in the Coastal Empire.  Thanks, Michael, for being such an outstanding role model for our young people, and everyone, in our local community.  We look forward to seeing our retiring board members at our events, and even though they are taking a break from official duties, getting their input on our work for years to come!